Deep Cries out to Deep

This is kind of a late post as the time of this posting is February. I was actually contemplating on whether I should post this until my sister in Christ, Irais, spoke to me and encouraged me to start letting others in which is something that I personally struggle with. But I wanted to give a short recap of 2019 and some vision casting for 2020. I hope this is of encourage to anyone who reads and needs it.

Exiles: A Better Kingdom

I apologize for the long wait in publishing this. This post is a little different from the last two I've published but I hope you enjoy it. I’ve pondered these scriptures in my heart for quite some time now and for the past few months, I’ve had an urge to write down my thoughts and feelings pertaining to them. Some of you are well acquainted with the feeling of not belonging—especially in a land that is not your own. Therefore, you might understand where I’m coming from, especially if you are from the household of faith. I don’t speak for every Christian in this post. These are my own personal thoughts and feelings and I’m writing this as encouragement for myself and to whomever would receive it.